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Training brings out the potential of each employee and is the corner-stone of our sound management. Our well-established training and development programs are designed to empower freshers and new employees with knowledge in the quickest possible way. Past case studies, successes and failures are discussed in an open platform to for learning at all levels. This enables individuals to take higher responsibilities confident and makes employees more productive and effective. Training programs brings out the inquisitiveness of every individuals and greatly improves the level of commitment ad involvement. Training and Development helps to develop and improve the organizational health culture. New engineers are regularly encouraged to and are enrolled into training programs for Level II certifications. Experienced and industry veterans are regularly invited to share experiences and deliver training on welding techniques. In fast moving society we must keep pace with the development and continuous learning enables our employees to update their knowledge and skill to stay at par. Training and development is important for any organization that wants to take advantage of changes, techniques and improvements.