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Hallin Marine Singapore Pte Ltd. A decompression chamber, is a pressure vessel used in the world of deep sea diving. It is a compartment where atmospheric pressure can be raised or lowered gradually. This allows divers and/or those who work underwater to readjust to normal atmospheric pressure after resurfacing from a dive rather than make decompression stops while still underwater. The diving chamber was manufactured for one of the leading Multinational Company based in Singapore which expertise in building supply vessels and offshore diving systems to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Project Description:
KGC has successfully manufactured decompression diving chamber with three compartments in accordance with Hallin Marine Requirements. The pressure vessel for Human Occupancy was built in accordance with ASME Sec VIII Div I +PVHO code requirements. The chamber was “U” + PVHO stamped along with ABS Certification. This challenging project, which required attention to minute detail in designing and manufacturing. Upon its supply it was installed on support vessel for offshore Oil & Gas support activities.

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