Erection & Commissioning Assistance

Welding Services


KGC can quickly assemble a team of experienced and qualified people for your repairs or alterations. Over the years we have been called upon to repair, alter, or upgrade pressure vessels, heat exchanger and other static equipment that has suffered the effects of corrosion, abrasion, thermal stress, and/or impact. KGC is a holder of ASME “R” stamp for repairs and alterations.

The work may involve replacement of damaged components (shells, heads, nozzles, flange facings), repair of leaking weld joints, re – tubing of heat exchangers, or corrosion resistant weld overlay, nozzle repairs, increase of tank capacity by adding shells and various others.

We have many qualified weld procedures in GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and SMAW processes with a wide range of materials. We can quickly mobilise a team of technician and workman in India or abroad.