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Non-destructive testing forms a very important and critical aspect in static equipment fabrication. It ensures quality and integrity of product and processes at various stages of fabrication. KGC has an in house Level III. QC Engineers are Level II in RT (Radiography), PT (Dye Penetrant Testing), UT (Ultra Sonic testing), MT (Magnetic Particle Testing), VT (Visual testing). As KGC policy, we ensure that all our Engineers in Fabrication and quality department are certified Level II for NDT techniques. We have qualified Level I technicians for performing the NDT techniques. Other relevant methods such as Ferrite testing, PMI are performed by competent and experienced personnel. Our inspectors are qualified to meet the requirements of standards, such as the American Society for Non Destructive Testing Practice SNT-TC-1A as well as CP-189 specifications, Standard ASTM E 709 & ASTM E 1444 Standard Guide and Practice for Magnetic Particle Testing. Examination is performed in adherence to major International Codes like the ASME Sec V for Non Destructive Testing.