Manpower Supply

Our manpower supply services specialize only for specific trades in the Refineries, Petro Chemicals, and Power Sector. Currently, our services are offered for requirements only outside India. Predominantly in the Middle east in GCC. We supply skilled and semi skilled resources working in the trade as Welders, (GTAW, GMAW, Up Hill/Down Hill Welders), Pipe Fabricators and Mechanical Fitters.

Why us?

Being in the fabrication field for more than three decades, we exactly know what you want!!!
Our well established work facilities carry out testing and selection process exactly designed as per your needs.
We have over 75 WPS and PQR approved by various renowned third party inspection agencies which can be provided for your review and approval prior to testing.
We can also carry out the tests as per client approved Welding Documents.
Welders can be recruited for short term as well as long term.
We have a large database of skilled workers who have been associated with KGC Projects and have provided their services to KGC in the long/recent past.
Gives the client an opportunity to retain exceptional individuals, if required. Such individuals are employed by KGC for the near future requirement of our clients.

Benefits to clients

It saves time and money to send their representative to various destinations in India for testing and recruitment.
It is a one stop solution for the trades mentioned above.
Percentage of rejection of workmen upon clients final witness is less than 5%. This fulfills the clients requirement at one destination.
Shorter lead times to organize testing of resources.
For urgent breakdown and maintenance jobs, KGC can mobile Skilled welders/Mechanical fitters/Pipe Fabricators who are on KGC role. (Lead Time – 4 to 5 days).

How to get started

If you have a requirement or would want to know more about our services, please feel free to call us or email us on with your questions. We shall get back to you in the shortest time. Our representative can also visit your company in the GCC to present our company and services and to know more about your requirement.

What our client has to say