KGC Services

We provide services mainly, but not limited to the following industry sectors
• Power Sector
• Oil & Gas
• Nuclear
• Petro Chemicals
• Marine On Shore – Off Shore
• Process Industry – Fertilizers, Cement, etc.
• Heavy Fabrication

Heat Exchangers

KGC designs and manufactures shell and tube type Heat Exchangers. These are most commonly used and come in three types of construction: Fixed Tubesheet, U-tube and Floating Tube sheet. We fabricate to TEMA configurations, from single pass to multiple pass exchangers.
The Heat Exchangers are designed and manufactured to to meet customer’s process need and application in accordance with ASME and TEMA specifications. Whether you require a thermal analysis or mechanical design only, KGC shall provide solutions by using the latest Compress and HTRI software programs. We also manufacture inter coolers, after coolers, air separation plants, compressed air, gas coolers for OEM compressor companies.
Having well stabilised procedures for repair jobs, we undertake re-tubing of heat exchanger for quick turn around and shut down projects. KGC is accredited with ASME ‘R’ stamp for repair and alterations.

Air Coolers

We supply Air Cooled Heat Exchanger’s typically used in applications where water is not available or the desired process outlet temperature can be achieved given the maximum ambient temperatures. Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are used in a wide variety of applications. General application includes water and glycol coolers, inter/aftercoolers on compressors, lube oil coolers, etc. We can assist you in establishing the most cost effective and efficient option available for your application. We can provide equipment with copper, carbon steel, or stainless construction including the headers, tubes and fins.