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Decompression Chambers- PVHO

Decompression chambers are particularly designed for the divers and underwater professionals. It is a compartment that manages / readjusts the atmospheric pressure by gradually raising or lowering. It helps the divers to return from the irregular pressure to atmospheric pressure. Decompression chamber is a steel vessel adjusting the atmospheric pressure and protecting people from life-threatening situations. KGC strictly keeps safety as top priority while designing decompression chambers. A decompression chamber, is a pressure vessel used in deep sea diving. It is a chamber where atmospheric pressure can be raised or lowered gradually. This allows divers and/or those who work underwater to readjust to normal atmospheric pressure after resurfacing from a dive rather than make decompression stops while still underwater. KGC manufactures decompression chambers for companies which provide diving systems by integrating equipment, electronics, control systems and provide solutions to the off shore oil & gas Industry. KGC has designed and manufactured decompression chamber in accordance with ASME Sec VIII Division I code with “U” Stamp, also in adherence with the mandatory guidelines given in ASME PVHO (Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy). With stringent quality control and assurance requirements, KGC has the ability to manufacture world-class decompression chambers and can give a commercial competitive advantage to its overseas clients due to our location in Asia.