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Code of conduct

KGC work ethics are engraved from abiding by certain principals which form a culture in our company. We do our best to abide by these in the best interest of its employees, customers and growth of the company.

  1. Ethical conduct: Commit to ethical conduct and social responsibility in its business conduct in all areas.
  2. Laws and regulations:  Fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations in conducting its business.
  3. Environment, health and safety:  Continually strive to improve its environmental, health, and Safety performance.
  4. Labor:  Treat its employees in a fair and equal manner complying with all related laws, commit to non- discrimination at workplace, not to use child or forced labor of any kind, respect human rights and provide a safe and healthy working environment to its employees.
  5. Intellectual property:  Conform to all applicable laws, regulations and international treaties on intellectual property and to refrain from infringing on either client’s or any other party’s intellectual property rights in conducting its business, and always report without delay to clients any suspected IP infringements relating to our client’s products, solutions or services.
  6. Improper benefits:  Not provide, offer or accept direct or indirect payment, hospitalities, or any other benefits of an excessive nature to the benefit of, or from our Client’s employees; or to any other party for the purpose of improperly obtaining benefits of any kind.
  7. Conflict of interest:  Avoid all conflicts of interest while engaged with our clients and its customers,and immediately report any potential or apparent conflict to client.
  8. Sub-suppliers:  Apply the requirements of this Policy to its own suppliers.
  9. Management system:  Have a management system in place and the responsible company representatives nominated to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the requirements of this Policy, and Client’s requirements relating to the suppliers operation and products.
  10. Continuous improvement:  Strive to continuously improve its competence in providing our clients reliable, cost-effective, and innovative services and goods.